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Patio Enclosures are a great way to enjoy the outdoors inside a protective space. 

It can be just a roof, or a roof with walls and windows. The walls and roof of Patio Enclosures are typically made of polystyrene sandwiched in-between two sheets of aluminum.

The opening in the walls of Patio Enclosures can be windows or just screen. The windows can be a flexible vinyl, clear acrylic, single glaze tempered glass, or double glazed tempered glass.

As you can see, Patio Enclosures offer many options. Why not call us today and let us show you how Patio Enclosures can improve the quality of life for you and your family.

Vinyl Pane Windows


Convert your existing porch, gazebo, deck, pool enclosure or unused outdoor space into a versatile enclosed area with our top of the line Eze Breeze sliding panels. Eze Breeze windows are an innovative alternative to glass. They cost a fraction of the price, they are lighter weight and the durability of the vinyl is unsurpassed. If the vinyl is stretched or dented it will return to its original shape in minutes. It is ideal if living near a golf course or in an area where children play.

Eze Breeze Collection

2200 4-track Vertical sliding windows

lightweight vertical sliding panels can be raised or lowered effortlessly to ventilate up to 75% of the screened area with maximum versatility. (push all of the panels to the top or all of the panels to the bottom)

Easy removable sliding panel tension spring system ensures smooth operation.

Add a prime door with a 4-track system for design consistency.

2200 Horizontal sliding windows

Light weight horizontal sliding panels can be moved to the left or right effortlessly to ventilate up to 50% of the screened area.

Vents can be removed allowing total screen room ventilation

Designed to provide easy cleaning from inside

Vertical latch locks windows closed when needed

available in 2-track or 4-track

2200 Fixed Panel Lip frame windows

Our fixed panel lip frames are used primarily as transoms, knee-walls, or anywhere a filler is needed. This enables maximum versatility

10/31/15 Internet

Garage Screen Enclosure


Features removable panels

Panels can be screen, or flexible vinyl

Patio Roof

Three or Four Seasons Sunrooms

Simply change the windows from single glaze glass to double pane insulated glass

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